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I had to think about the title a bit before posting my blog today.  Waste?  Stupid?  Un-green?  Where-do-you-think-garbage-goes-to, Mars?

Why?  My son came home today with a brand spankin’ new bottle of protein powder.  He is a hockey player and recently signed with the Motor City Chiefs Junior A team.

Anyway, he has been working out diligently and doing the protein powder thing to gain some bulk on his formerly scrawny frame.  He goes through quite a bit, one scoop twice a day goes faster than you’d think.

He purchased a new bottle today, and when he opened it up, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

I heard the ever popular teenage exclamation..


The giant blue plastic bottle was only half full.  And we’re talking BIG giant blue plastic bottle.  As big as your head.

What genius in this day and age decided that people are stupid enough to allow such waste in packaging just to give the illusion of a bigger product?

I’m so mad I’m writing the company. 

My son thinks I’m crazy.

He’ll get it.  Some day.

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