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I made a new bumper sticker!

Designed it myself, to sell..

Ordered 100 of them at first.

This is a BIG hint about my new venture!

Now I need to go make lists of the 6 million things I need to have done by THURSDAY… THE BIG DAY…


What do YOU brake for?

August 23, 2008 at 9:53 pm 2 comments

All things cherry

Previously I mentioned I’m about to do something huge.. a new direction in my life.. that involves cherries.  Once the ink is dry on the contract, I’ll post details.


In the meantime, I thought I’d give links to some of my favorite cherry-themed items on Etsy.

A vintage tablecloth,

A camera strap,

An ipod or cellphone case ,

A cupcake bath bomb with a cherry on top,

A Cherry Blossom Silver Ring

A Cherry key fob

If you’d like to see what I have listed on Etsy that are cherry-themed, here they are.

sandals on the dock, cherry blossom, and cherry on a plate.

Do you have any cherry themed items to share?  If so, post a comment!


August 7, 2008 at 12:39 pm 2 comments


I just made a business card for my Uncle Jim’s lady friend. 



The photo was sent to me in that pinkish-sepia tone.  That’s all the info I had.  I think it needs an area code.  And an email address or web address.

What do you think?

July 28, 2008 at 8:31 am 2 comments


That’s the name of this beautiful wicker dress form that Apron Thrift Girl shared in her blog.  She had a contest to name her and although I didn’t win (I suggested Lana, as in Lana Turner because she had pointy boobs), I won her drawing!   Esme was the name she chose.  Cool name!

I’m ready to send out the two cards that Sandy of The Eclectic Studio chose when she won my giveaway.  She liked these:





 They’re on their way, Sandy!

 And thanks again, Apron Thrift Girl!

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I’m having my first blog contest!!  (Yippee for you)

I stumbled on a few weeks ago.  It is a relatively new venue to buy and sell royalty free digital images. 

The more views the photos get, the higher in the queue they are, resulting in a higher chance to actually sell them.

How to enter the contest:

Go to Snapvillage and enter JMillen in the search window.  All of my photos will be displayed.

Click on the photo in my collection that you like best to view it.  Post a comment including the item number (found just above the top right hand corner of the photo) in a comment back to me here.

For example, this photo’s item number 43-00436492

The winner:

will be randomly drawn from all entries on Monday, July 21, 2008 at 6pm EST.  The more unique comments you log, the more chances you have to win.

The prize: 

Two cards of the winner’s choice from my Etsy shop.


If you are a photographer, perhaps you’d like to post some of your photos to SnapVillage!  Its free!

July 14, 2008 at 11:18 am 18 comments


I haven’t been in a treasury in a while over at Etsy, so I thought I’d give some thanks to Terryberry for including my pencils card in her rainbow treasury.

To go to Terryberry’s shop, go here

To go to my shops, go here or here

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I was cutting up some asparagus to take to my friend’s house, and decided that they are the most unusual looking veggies!

So I had to photograph them.

Isn’t it cool how my back yard trees and grass and the purples of my Japanese Maple tree complement the color of the asparagus?

Wish I could say I planned it that way..

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I am inspired by individual words.  When I bought a new house after my divorce, I found a stunnmy inspirational mirroring mirror with inspirational phrases that I just HAD to put in my foyer.  It was way over my budget, but two years later it continues to be one of my favorite accessories in my home.

 This mirror gave me an idea to design a few cards and framed word collages.

My first collage was with inspirational words like the mirror.  I have sold quite a few, one in particular to a family in the U.K. with a little girl fighting cancer.  I hope that it inspired her to get through her year of chemo.

Here it is:


 It looks great framed with a black matte. 

 I can make it with any background color. 








Yesterday I was thinking of a new theme for my ‘word collage’, and came up with this.. 

 I already listed the new one on Etsy!  I’ll be assembling cards and matted prints tonight.


June 25, 2008 at 11:09 am 1 comment

Today is the first day

of the rest of my blog!

Procrastination has had a hold on me for quite some time regarding the blog thing. I confess I have become addicted to reading quite a few in the past few weeks, so I’m throwing my hat into the blog ring (blring?).

My head has been filled with projects I NEED to make. I finally have time!

First up, a photo of my attempt to make a wristlet from completely recycled materials. Pants (including zipper) and upholstery samples were used. I’m not satisfied with the end product, but its a start. Those of you who know me are probably surprised that my first blog entry is of a sewn item, not knitted or digitally created! Oh what a three-dimensional crafter I am.

I wish I would have photographed the materials before I cut, but next time I will.  Here’s the finished product hanging on my favorite porch chair:

wristlet  Here are some other views:

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