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Me. Business owner. Almost.

As of about 11am this morning, I’m officially in debt to the tune of a kabillion dollars.  I have it sitting in my new business checking account that I opened today.  I never sweat so much signing papers than I did today.  Or maybe it was just a normal hot flash.

 Tomorrow we do final inventory, which will take all day, and most of my kabillion dollars will go to Kathy with a few grand to spare on Thursday.  The few grand to spare is called start-up cash.  I call it money to use to pay the bills I for stuff I already bought for the store.

 Wednesday night my accountant/friend comes in at 5:30 to close K.’s books and open mine.  Also the guy with my credit card machine comes in at 5:30 to set that up.  Then my accountant/friend and I will spend forever trying to figure out the bookkeeping system that K. used.  We know the bookkeeping system, we just don’t understand a lot of her methods.  My friend and first employee M. will be there to witness the fun.

 Then M. and I will break champagne over our heads in celebration.  If my accountant/friend and/or the credit card machine guy are still there they can join our fun.  I may even invite the pizza guy from down the way!  (As long as he brings some crazy bread.)

 Thursday, it will be ‘business as usual’.  I will be the calm, cool and collect savvy business owner I have imagined for the past year.  Then I’ll mess up a sale on the cash register and my brain function will cease to exist.  M., my right hand person, or should I say ‘business partner without the bucks’ will be there all day too, and she’s going to bail me out of my meltdowns all day long.

 After close of business, where I fully expect to have made the kabillion dollars back that I just paid K., more fun begins (Madness Part 1).  Out comes the pricing gun with the RED stickers.  Red means SALE.  We will then uncover, dig out, and resurrect about 60% of the gifty items that K. liked to sell and that I don’t want to sell.  People did buy them, but looking over the business paperwork I decided that the future is in our food products, not so much the gifts. 

 Prices will be slashed, I tell you!  And the ad in the paper will bring the people to the store in droves on Friday morning!  Balloons will be blowing in the wind, the clowns will entertain (oh, oops, forgot to hire some clowns), and everyone driving down the street will screech to a halt to see what they are missing.  (They would have loved to see the champagne-breaking-over-the-head festivities too, I’d imagine)

 This will continue through Saturday and Sunday till about 2:00. 

 Then Madness Part 2 will begin.  My daughter and her friend are coming home for 3 days from college so I can put them to work like slaves!  And both sons will be home but only one needs the money so much that he is willing to carry heavy things for me while we rearrange the store for 2 days, so I only get one of them.   Son #2 will be so jealous he is missing out of the fun!  No champagne for him! 

That’s all of the beans I can spill for now.  Until next time,

Have a Cherry Day!

Oh, here is a picture.. because blogs are boring without pictures.





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I’d give my right arm for…

How many times have you said that?  Probably as many as I have.

But in the last few days, I’m saying just the opposite..

You see, a few nights ago I must have slept on it, because when I woke up, it KILLED.  The major muscle in my upper arm (at this point I should google it to get the technical name but I’ll leave that to you) is worthless.  Even making writing this post is torture!  he he.

Add to that inconvenience, I’m out of town and my primary duties for the next 4 days are to drive the kid back and forth to hockey training camp and to knock out my business plan for a company I’m going to buy.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m sleeping on the sofa bed in our ‘suite’?  We decided that whoever has the king sized bed has to relinquish control of the tv at night.  I may have to rethink that.

So, since this is the only place I can really complain about my pain this week, there ya go.  The kid, who is using every bit of strength he has to get through 2 hours of off-ice training in 87 degree heat, then skating for another 2 hours, just doesn’t want to hear about my sore arm.

So I’m off to get some Ben Gay for today and Tylenol PM for tonight.

Thanks for listening!

August 6, 2008 at 8:30 am 3 comments


I had to think about the title a bit before posting my blog today.  Waste?  Stupid?  Un-green?  Where-do-you-think-garbage-goes-to, Mars?

Why?  My son came home today with a brand spankin’ new bottle of protein powder.  He is a hockey player and recently signed with the Motor City Chiefs Junior A team.

Anyway, he has been working out diligently and doing the protein powder thing to gain some bulk on his formerly scrawny frame.  He goes through quite a bit, one scoop twice a day goes faster than you’d think.

He purchased a new bottle today, and when he opened it up, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

I heard the ever popular teenage exclamation..


The giant blue plastic bottle was only half full.  And we’re talking BIG giant blue plastic bottle.  As big as your head.

What genius in this day and age decided that people are stupid enough to allow such waste in packaging just to give the illusion of a bigger product?

I’m so mad I’m writing the company. 

My son thinks I’m crazy.

He’ll get it.  Some day.

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