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Fast forward to today..

I’m back!  I spent the day looking at some of my favorite blogs, and found I miss my ME time.  Buying the store last year has been a trememdous amount of work, fun, and gratification.  Now that we’ve survived our first Christmas and Cherry Festival, I feel like I can breathe a bit.  Summer is still a busy time, but I’m learning to balance work and play.

I had two entire days off in a row so I decided to work on my book about my kids.  They have all graduated from high school and I made each of them a few digital scrapbooks of their lives.  One of my hobbies is Photoshop. 

 After discovering Blurb, I decided to put them all into one book and made it for my mom’s birthday.  There were many more photos I wanted to put in it so I’ve been working on adding to it before I get mine printed.  The book is almost done, I could add to it forever and I decided a few more pages and that’s it.

Here’s the cover – very basic, but one of my favorite pics of the kids.

book cover
book cover

A few more pages to share:

You can see more of this book and others I’ve made here

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I made a new bumper sticker!

Designed it myself, to sell..

Ordered 100 of them at first.

This is a BIG hint about my new venture!

Now I need to go make lists of the 6 million things I need to have done by THURSDAY… THE BIG DAY…


What do YOU brake for?

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All things cherry

Previously I mentioned I’m about to do something huge.. a new direction in my life.. that involves cherries.  Once the ink is dry on the contract, I’ll post details.


In the meantime, I thought I’d give links to some of my favorite cherry-themed items on Etsy.

A vintage tablecloth,

A camera strap,

An ipod or cellphone case ,

A cupcake bath bomb with a cherry on top,

A Cherry Blossom Silver Ring

A Cherry key fob

If you’d like to see what I have listed on Etsy that are cherry-themed, here they are.

sandals on the dock, cherry blossom, and cherry on a plate.

Do you have any cherry themed items to share?  If so, post a comment!


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I am ready to embark on a new adventure!  There is a retail store in my town that I’ve been just DYING to purchase and manage.  No details yet, until the signatures are dry on the contract I don’t want to give too many details.  I have a handshake agreement with the owner, so it looks like its really happening!  My first meeting with the lawyer is today.

Most of my friends know what I’m doing, but I’ll give you a hint:

In the meantime, I’m destashing in a big way.  Organizing my home life will help my brain stay uncluttered for all of the decisions I have to make in the next month. 

More to come!

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I knit to de-stress, and boy have I been stressed this week!  I finished this cute little ‘cherry’ hat that I just listed on Etsy in my JMillenlovestoknit shop.

I wish I had a little cutie to put this on!

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The National Cherry Festival started yesterday in my little town, Traverse City.  We usually get over 250,000 visitors to the area in one week.  Not bad in a town of 70,000!

This year I am working for my friend Kathy, the owner of a Cherry Store called Benjamin Twiggs.  Along with running a brick and morter full time, she is also responsible for her little space at the festival. 

Here’s a visual:

Benjamin Twiggs booth at Cherry Fest
Benjamin Twiggs booth at Cherry Fest

 This will be a week of long, tiring days!  My feet hurt already!

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