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I am inspired by individual words.  When I bought a new house after my divorce, I found a stunnmy inspirational mirroring mirror with inspirational phrases that I just HAD to put in my foyer.  It was way over my budget, but two years later it continues to be one of my favorite accessories in my home.

 This mirror gave me an idea to design a few cards and framed word collages.

My first collage was with inspirational words like the mirror.  I have sold quite a few, one in particular to a family in the U.K. with a little girl fighting cancer.  I hope that it inspired her to get through her year of chemo.

Here it is:


 It looks great framed with a black matte. 

 I can make it with any background color. 








Yesterday I was thinking of a new theme for my ‘word collage’, and came up with this.. 

 I already listed the new one on Etsy!  I’ll be assembling cards and matted prints tonight.


June 25, 2008 at 11:09 am 1 comment

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